We Keep It Simple!

When you call our office we answer our phones, no voicemail jail! From the beginning, this company was created for the primary purposed of offering the highest level of service.

One Simple Package

When you sign up with PaySource, you will receive a complete payroll package each pay period either by electronically or delivery. Inside, you’ll find processed payroll checks and vouchers with essential management reports, including:

  • Cash Requirement Report
  • Check Register
  • Check Reconciliation Report
  • Payroll checks or Direct Deposit vouchers
  • Tax liability reports and deposits dates
  • A notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities

Tax Reporting

Consider it done! Every Month, Quarter and at Year-End we take care of it all. We process your 941’s Tax Payments, State Withholding, State Unemployment and Federal Unemployment taxes—we make the payments and file the returns on your behalf, providing you copies for your records— processing your payroll with PaySource, you can say TAX RELIEF!